What is Race in Rewards?

Race in Rewards is our membership program that rewards you for being a loyal customer of Bairnsdale Sporting & Convention Centre and Moe Racing Club. It's our way of thanking our loyal customers by offering special benefits, discounts and exclusive offers!

Earn points when you spend at our Clubs, which can be redeemed at both venues in exchange for food & drink, membership renewal, and more! Plus, depending on your spend, your card will level up and unlock even more benefits.

Your Race in Rewards card keeps track of your points and card level, so it can be used at both Clubs to enjoy great rewards no matter where you are.

Full Membership: $75.00 (for 21/22 season)
Enjoy all social rewards, better discounts, extra in-house benefits and promotions, plus your points will not expire. You also get great racing benefits!
New members can sign up in the Club!
Social Membership: $10.00 (annually)
Social Membership is both good value and a great way to become involved with your Clubs, rewarding you for your loyalty.
New members can sign up in the Club!

YourPlay is a card-based personal gaming tracker that gives you a running total of the money and time you're spending as you play. To get the full benefit of YourPlay, you can enter the limit you'd like to spend (the dollars, or the time at any venue, or both) - before you play. Then, when you're playing, the screen display will give you a reminder when you get to 70% and 90% of your limit. You can even key in your own personal reminder message as encouragement. It will give you a choice to end play if you reach a limit. You can check out your playing history over a session, a week, a month or a year and get statements online or by logging in at a venue kiosk Plus get annual statements. YourPlay is free, private and secure. It's your choice to use it, to register, to set limits, or to play casually and anonymously.